Leadership Blues

kings of leadership

Meandering in the new year
In the touchy realm of leadership
Like I pondered here
The quirks of strategy

Kinds of Music

Is leadership like music
With its many kinds
Some we like and some not
Music nonetheless


kinds of blues
Kinds of Blues

Are there hues to leadership
Like the Blues
Delta, Chicago
Texas and more

kings of blues
Kings of Blues

Are leaders like these players
Breaking norms to add colour
Like King Albert’s skilled left
Pluck righty guitar to bend our ear

kings of leadership
Kings of Leadership

How did they tick
Was there a beat, was there a meter
A turn of phrase
An emphatic pause

3 C's of Leadership
3 Cs of Leadership

Are these the three C’s
Of human leadership
What would suffice
Beyond these

Happy 2014.

Author: Hari

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