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Analytics & Woolly Mammoths

Lately, we in the technology world are bombarded by the…

Asset-light, Technology, Spirituality
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Technology Meets Spirituality

Over the history of humans, there are instances where one…

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The X2X World

Ever since my car got heated seats, every winter I…

strategy: series of why-what-how's
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Proverbs & Strategy

Over the past New Year holidays, I came across a…

Humans & Cloud
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Anatomy of the Virtual Social Network

In previous posts on utilities, I talked about the evolution…

Transportation and Communication
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Utilities: Roads & Networks

In Part I of this series on utilities, I talked…

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Utilities: Water & Computers

A few years ago we were traveling in Portugal and…

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Prefab IT and Outsourcing

Recently I wondered about how enterprise IT stacks are morphing…

Service to Hardware or Software
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Business Models: Service vs Technology

In Part III of this series on business models (See…

Prefabricated IT Stack
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Prefabricated IT Stack

Lately I have been reflecting on how consumption of technology…